By the end of December, 2016, I carried out the Cairn Project, a collaboration, in 56 clay workshops with diverse populations around the Chicago area and a few in Ontario, called Shaping Clay, Shaping Life. Participants contributed the objects they made to a series of installations, Cairn and Cloud: a collective expression of trauma and hope. It was installed in eight locations throughout 2015 and 2016. 

First Installation of Cairn and Cloud
Cairn and Cloud among Markers
Children explore the cairn rocks.
Cloud of Hope viewed
BodyCompass Dance Project at Cairn and Cloud
Dancers Surround Cairn and Cloud
"Memorial to the Unlived Life" and dancers
Shaping Clay, Shaping Life workshop
Children in a "Shaping Clay, Shaping Life" workshop
Each rock expresses one person’s pain history
Workshops bring compassion to loss
Porcelain clay is shaped into a token of light
We gather to celebrate our creations
Celebrating the community we have become
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