Markers and Paradox/Pillars begin in a particular moment, such as when I encounter a particular dream, poem, war news, or the death of a friend.  The heightened awareness of diverging choices informs the shaping of the pillar and marks the deep realities to which I want to remain connected. Their form is inspired by old stone markers I’ve seen, sometimes at intersections, in England and France.  This archetypal form appears in cultures throughout the world.

In the Marker series, the vitreous sculpture stoneware body enables the works to be safely placed outdoors year round, even in freezing temperatures.

Interior Life 2018Explorer 2013Desert 2007Desert 2007 (detail)For Sarajane III 2006For Sarajane III 2006 (detail) Paradox/Pillar XV 2006 Paradox/Pillar XVI 2005Paradox/Pillar XIII 2003Paradox/Pillar Group  2002-2005